The Real Blue

Format: CD
Release Date: 6/21/2019
Label: Cellar Live
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The Real Blue is New York based jazz saxophonist Pureum Jin's first studio recording, joined by an all-star lineup, of Willie Jones III on drums, Jeremy Manasia on piano and rising stars Luke Sellick on bass, and Sabeth Pérez on vocals. The album exhibits the fierce, impassioned force that Pureum Jin's saxophone displays as a new voice on the New York jazz scene.

1. Trembling Forward
Length: 07:15
2. Ah - Oh - Owa
Length: 07:49
3. The Song of Silence
Length: 06:31
4. Night and Day
Length: 07:06
5. Remembering Mr. Woods
Length: 06:11
6. Fireflies
Length: 07:40
7. Night Shift Blues
Length: 05:22
8. Seminole Trail
Length: 06:01
9. Speak Low
Length: 06:03
10. When Blues Gets Blue
Length: 03:44
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 63:42
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