Peter and the Wolf

Format: CD
Release Date: 3/15/2019
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Leading Scottish actor Tam Dean Burn joins the SNJO to create a wildlyvivid jazz version of a hugely popular classical favourite: Serge Prokofieffscautionary fable of Peter and the Wolf. On this CD, his wonderful musicis woven around an expressive monologue performed largely in the Scotsvernacular, expertly adapted from the original by former Scots PoetLaureate (Makar), Liz Lochhead.This new interpretation of Prokofieff s enduring work, meticulously arrangedand orchestrated by Tommy Smith, is full of fresh ideas and thematicallydeveloped from 30 minutes into a 64 minute work, and remains true tothe composers much-loved musical characterizations.

1. Full of Devilment
2. Oot in the Country
3. Aw Quite Quiet
4. Lucky Duck?
5. Cool, Blue Depths
6. Sleekit Cat
7. Argy-Bargy
8. Deadly-Danger
9. Non-Challant
10. Oot Comes Grandpa
11. Whit's a Wolf?
12. Grey Wolf
13. Quakin Her Heid Aff
14. Swallyed Her Whole
15. Greedy Eyes
16. In Big Trouble
17. Zoomin Roon Him
18. Loop It Roon
19. Whit a Racket
20. Gonnae No Shoot!
21. Listening Very Carefully
22. Bwoek!
23. Howling at the Moon
24. Triumphal Parade
25. Wee Sermon
26. In the Zoo!
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Total Length: 00:00
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