Piano Starts Here: Live at the Shrine (Zenph Re-Performance)

Format: Super Audio CD
Release Date: 6/3/2008
Label: Sony
Style(s): Ragtime, Traditional
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Art Tatum's Piano Starts Here album contains material that has been in print for more than fifty years. Yet the original, an incomparable jazz album that highlights th emastery of this singular musician, had been marred by nominal sound quality and other imperfections - until now. Sony BMG and Zenph Studios re-recorded Tatum's 1949 concert at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. They placed the piano in the same spot on the same stage where Tatum made the original recording and then recorded a flawless re-performance on modern equipment before a live audience.


The original album includes nine virtuosic solos that Tatum recorded live at The Shrine, along with Tatum's first four commercial recordings from 1933, issued on 78 RPM masters by the Brunswick label, including "Tiger Rag" - considered to be his signature performance. This year marks the 75th anniversary of those landmark studio recordings.


Recorded in stereo surround and binarual stereo versions, you don't just get to hear Art Tatum recreating his immortal Piano Starts Here album on a better piano for better recording equipment. In addition, through the magic of binaural technology, you also have the option to be Art Tatum: to hear the music precisely as he was hearing it while he played it.

1. Tea for Two
Length: 03:14
2. St. Louis Blues
Length: 02:42
3. Tiger Rag
Length: 02:22
4. Sophisticated Lady
Length: 03:20
5. Humoresque
Length: 03:48
6. Tatum Pole Boogie
Length: 02:33
7. Someone to Watch Over Me
Length: 03:35
8. How High the Moon
Length: 02:30
9. Yesterdays
Length: 03:28
10. Willow Weep for Me
Length: 03:17
11. The Kerry Dance
Length: 01:06
12. Gershwin Medley
Length: 03:59
13. I Know That You Know
Length: 02:46
Album Details
Disc Count: 3
Total Length: 38:40
UPC: 886972221823