Kind of Blue (50th Anniversary Legacy Edition)

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/20/2009 Original Release Date: 8/17/1959
Album Personnel: Cannonball Adderley (Alto Saxophone), John Coltrane (Tenor Saxophone), Wynton Kelly (Piano), Bill Evans (Piano), Jimmy Cobb (Drums), Paul Chambers (Acoustic Upright Bass)
Label: Sony
Style(s): Modal
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Picture of KIND OF BLUE: 50TH ANNIVERSARY LEGACY EDITION Miles Davis - So What Source

Celebrated to this day as the definitive jazz album, Kind of Blue fulfills many functions flawlessly. It serves as a gateway into jazz as a whole, and it rewards repeat listens from diehard fans. The pinnacle of modal jazz, Davis and company set an unshakably cool mood, their performances shining with inspiration. Despite the improvised nature of the recordings, every note falls perfectly into place as if it were all meticulously planned. If you’ve waited until now to explore jazz, it’s hard not to recommend Kind of Blue as the place to start and return to time and time again.

1. So What
Length: 08:05
2. Freddie Freeloader
Length: 09:34
3. Blue in Green
Length: 08:12
4. All Blues
Length: 11:33
5. Flamenco Sketches
Length: 09:26
6. Flamenco Sketches (Alternate Take)
Length: 09:31
7. Freddie Freeloader (Studio Sequence 1)
Length: 00:51
8. Freddie Freeloader (False Start)
Length: 01:25
9. Freddie Freeloader (Studio Sequence 2)
Length: 01:26
10. So What (Studio Sequence 1)
Length: 01:53
11. So What (Studio Sequence 2)
Length: 00:11
12. Blue in Green (Studio Sequence)
Length: 01:56
13. Flamenco Sketches (Studio Sequence 1)
Length: 00:42
14. Flamenco Sketches (Studio Sequence 2)
Length: 01:09
15. All Blues (Studio Sequence)
Length: 00:18
16. On Green Dolphin Street
Length: 09:48
17. Fran-Dance
Length: 05:48
18. Stella by Starlight
Length: 04:43
19. Love for Sale
Length: 11:46
20. Fran-Dance (Alternate Take)
Length: 05:51
21. So What (Live)
Length: 17:28
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 121:36
UPC: 886972710525