Vibes of Truth [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 9/22/2017
Style(s): Soul
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The 1970s saw a plethora of great funk and jazz albums that for somewhat mystifying reasons have failed to be reissued. Sitting at home one night it occurred to me that we had better get a move on and get them out. With this in mind we are launching BGP Funk and Soul Classics: long out-of-print albums featuring the very best mastering, great packaging and some nifty sleeve notes to let you know where the album fits into the scheme of things. Vibes of Truth is a masterpiece that covers all the bases: from soul through funk to jazz. It's been sought-after by collectors for the three club friendly tunes within it's grooves: "Backed Up Against the Wall", "Concrete Jungle" and "I Need You Girl". The album was brought to Fantasy by Donald Byrd who was enjoying great success with his productions for the Blackbyrds for them and his own jazz fusion albums on Blue Note. The Blackbyrds were former students of his from the ethnomusicology course he taught at Washington's Howard University just as was Lincoln Ross, the multi-instrumentalist leader of The 3 Pieces. Although The 3 Pieces failed to repeat the success of the Blackbyrds they created an amazing album.

1. I Need You Girl
Length: 04:13
2. Backed Up Against the Wall
Length: 04:29
3. Vibes of Truth
Length: 04:34
4. Shortnin' Bread
Length: 04:33
5. Self Dealin'
Length: 03:56
6. Concrete Jungle
Length: 05:22
7. If Only I Could Prove to You
Length: 04:00
8. Cool It
Length: 03:32
9. Virtue
Length: 03:31
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 38:10
UPC: 888072025554