Format: CD
Release Date: 9/1/2017
Label: Concord Jazz
Style(s): Smooth
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With Honestly, as with futuresoul and the GRAMMY-nominated The Beat before it, Boney James is making some of the most stellar, wholly realized music of his career. "I’ve just grown up, personally and musically,” he says. "I’m a lot calmer now when I approach making music and have more confidence. I’m a "give-110 percent” kind of person and I’m enjoying the process more now. I think that comes out in the music. Maybe that’s why this new record is so much fun to listen to. There are parts on the record that still make me smile.”

1. Kicks
Length: 04:05
2. Tick Tock
Length: 04:07
3. On the Prowl
Length: 04:05
4. Low and Slow
Length: 04:08
5. Honestly (feat. Avery Sunshine)
Length: 04:25
6. We Came to Party
Length: 04:16
7. Speak Easy
Length: 04:56
8. Skylark
Length: 04:11
9. If I Can't Hold You (feat. Eric Roberson)
Length: 03:34
10. Up All Night
Length: 04:10
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 41:57
UPC: 888072033917