Chinese butterfly [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 4/6/2018
Label: Concord Jazz
Style(s): Post Bop
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Picture of CHINESE BUTTERFLY Like I Was Sayin' - Chick Corea and Steve Gadd Source

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Chinese Butterfly is a reunion of two musical titans with a connection over 50 years deep. Chick Corea and Steve Gadd first played together as sidemen for Chuck Mangione in 1965, then regrouped in the 1970s for an inspired run of Corea albums, and now reunite with their new supergroup for this new 2-CD release on Concord Jazz.

1. Chick's Chums
Length: 09:20
2. Serenity
Length: 06:37
3. Like I Was Sayin'
Length: 06:42
4. A Spanish Song
Length: 08:49
5. Chinese Butterfly
Length: 11:50
6. Return to Forever (feat. Philip Bailey)
Length: 17:28
7. Wake-Up Call
Length: 18:11
8. Gabb-Zooks
Length: 16:17
Album Details
Disc Count: 3
Total Length: 95:14
UPC: 888072042209