Music from Man of La Mancha

Format: CD
Release Date: 4/13/2018
Album Personnel: Marc Johnson (Acoustic Upright Bass), Satoshi Takeishi (Drums), Manolo Badrena (Percussion), Eddie Gomez (Acoustic Upright Bass), Jack DeJohnette (Drums)
Style(s): Latin
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Picture of MUSIC FROM MAN OF LA MANCHA To Each His Dulcinea - Eliane Elias Source

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Eliane Elias and her collaborators recorded this album in 1995, but due to contractual obligations, it was never released. Now, with the blessing of the late Mitch Leigh's (composer & co-producer) family, this gem finally is available. One need not have any familiarity with this stage or film versions of Man of la Mancha to enjoy this excellent album, which is filled with hummable melodies and Elias' impressive, right-hand flourishes. It took a long time for this album to arrive in the marketplace, but Elias' fans will certainly rejoice that it did. - DownBeat Magazine Editors' Pick


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1. To Each His Dulcinea
Length: 05:42
2. Dulcinea
Length: 05:34
3. What Does He Want of Me
Length: 06:43
4. The Barber's Song
Length: 05:07
5. It's All the Same
Length: 07:16
6. I'm Only Thinking of Him
Length: 05:04
7. Man of la Mancha (I, Don Quixote)
Length: 07:40
8. The Impossible Dream
Length: 05:48
9. A Little Gossip
Length: 04:31
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 53:25
UPC: 888072051331