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Release Date: 2/15/2019
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Signs is the fourth studio release from Tedeschi Trucks Band and offers another outstanding example of their ability to expand musical boundaries in ways that only a rare caliber of musician can achieve. Signs showcases the band at their best - combining inventive musicality and provocative lyrics across eleven original tracks, running the gamut from uplifting soulful anthems, to bittersweet ballads and driving rock and roll. The album was recorded at Derek and Susan's home studio, Swamp Raga, on two-inch analogue tape giving it a warmth and richness that recalls the ambience of the best vintage recordings.

1. Signs, High Times
Length: 03:51
2. I'm Gonna Be There
Length: 05:48
3. When Will I Begin
Length: 04:17
4. Walk Through This Life
Length: 04:46
5. Strengthen What Remains
Length: 02:36
6. Still Your Mind
Length: 04:57
7. Hard Case
Length: 03:22
8. Shame
Length: 04:55
9. All the World
Length: 03:21
10. They Don't Shine
Length: 03:27
11. The Ending
Length: 05:02
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 46:22
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