12 Little Spells

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/10/2019
Style(s): Vocal
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Esperanza Spalding is an American jazz bassist and singer, multiple Grammy-award winner, and a Professor of the Practice of Music at Harvard University. Her audacious new project, 12 Little Spells, finds Spalding conjuring in the medium of musical creation, through an exploration of the body, human energy and healing.  Esperanza released one new spell per day on her website and social platforms as well as a “Liner Notes Live” hosted on Facebook all resulting in over 3.1 million views.  The spells come in the form of new music, which was crafted by Spalding at a castle in Italy last month, and then recorded in sessions completed just yesterday in Brooklyn. Each spell will be presented with song-specific imagery and video spells (short films that will accompany each release). 

1. 12 Little Spells (thoracic spine)
Length: 04:53
2. To Tide Us Over (mouth)
Length: 04:53
3. 'Til the Next Full (eyes)
Length: 04:17
4. Thang (hips)
Length: 04:35
5. Touch in Mine (fingers)
Length: 04:53
6. The Longing Deep Down (abdominal portal)
Length: 04:35
7. You Have to Dance (feet)
Length: 03:27
8. Now Know (solar portal)
Length: 04:26
9. All Limbs Are (arms)
Length: 03:36
10. Readying to Rise (legs)
Length: 05:07
11. Dancing the Animal (mind)
Length: 05:07
12. With Others (ears)
Length: 05:52
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 55:41
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