#KingButch [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 9/18/2020
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#KingButch - hashtag proudly attached - is the title of Butcher Brown's eighth studio album. The 13 tracks collectively represent a bold step forward for the Richmond 5-piece. A heady fusion of contemporary hip-hop and '60s jazz/funk, #KingButch is a powerful statement that reaches across generation, ethnicity, and geography. It reveals the song-crafting, studio maturity of Butcher Brown.

1. Fonkadelica
2. #KingButch
3. Broad Rock
4. Cabbage (DFC)
5. Gum in My Mouth
6. Frontline (Intro)
7. Frontline
8. 1992
9. Love Lock
10. Hopscotch
11. Tidal Wave
12. For the City (feat. Fly Anakin)
13. IDK
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Total Length: 00:00
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