7 Summers

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/3/2018
Label: Ropeadope
Style(s): Fusion, Post Bop
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Seven years ago, Shaun began a project of his own. A story of his life, a contribution to the world of music from his eyes (and ears). In demand by many, Shaun took his time with the album as the story expanded to include a wider range of experience. And so, we present to you 7 Summers - a big chapter in the history of the great Shaun Martin. Seven Years. Seven Summers. Seven Seven. 7 Summers is an album that was clearly well thought out; a refreshing feel in today's world of instant production. "I'd say that 7 Summers is a chronicle of growth in character and perspective. As I grew over the last seven years, I experienced so much and I wanted to translate that through the music and lyrics..." - Shaun Martin.

1. Intro
Length: 03:47
2. One Big Party
Length: 06:09
3. The Yellow Jacket
Length: 06:05
4. Lotus
Length: 08:06
5. Have Your Chance at Love
Length: 06:05
6. Love, Don't Let Me Down
Length: 04:06
7. Long Gone
Length: 03:13
8. The Torrent
Length: 04:44
9. Madiba Monologue
Length: 01:11
10. Madiba
Length: 05:29
11. All in a Days' Work
Length: 06:20
12. Closing Credits (A Requiem for Carolyn)
Length: 03:15
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 58:30
UPC: 888295295581