Visions and Friends

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/10/2017
Album Personnel: Larry Coryell (Electric Guitar), Randy Brecker (Trumpet), Ralphe Armstrong (Electric Bass), Alex Machacek (Electric Guitar), Billy Steinway (Keyboards)
Label: MVD
Style(s): Fusion
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Bob Holz, popular drummer,composer and band leader has returned with his second MVD Records release, Visions and Friends, a further continuation of the contemporary jazz/funk fusion he spearheaded with 2015’s acclaimed A Vision Forward album. The new album includes contributions from music legend Larry Coryell on guitar; iconic horn master Randy Brecker, and bassist Ralphe Armstrong (ex-Mahavishnu Orchestra, Sting, Frank Zappa and current Aretha Franklin band member). Furthermore, Holz has called on some very heavy musical friends to round out the band used for the record. They include: Alex Machacek (Terry Bozzio,Virgil Donati,Bunny Brunel,UK); and Los Angeles studio ace Billy Steinway on keyboards (Stevie Wonder).

1. Flat Out
Length: 06:31
2. Take It from Maurice
Length: 05:15
3. Five Times the Winner
Length: 05:54
4. Last Stop
Length: 04:34
5. Eleven High
Length: 03:21
6. Jemin Eye'n
Length: 05:56
7. Rodrigo Reflections
Length: 04:55
8. Bob Blues
Length: 04:34
9. One Breath Two Hearts
Length: 05:51
10. For the One
Length: 06:07
11. Scattered
Length: 06:45
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 59:43
UPC: 888295494434