Don't Play with Love - The John L. Nelson Project

Format: CD
Release Date: 3/2/2018
Style(s): Post Bop
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Don't Play with Love - The John L. Nelson Project is the highly anticipated recording of John L. Nelson's compositions. The album features jazz legends Louis Hayes, Vincent Herring, Jeremy Pelt, Dezron Douglas, and Richard Germanson, and was recorded at Paisley Park with Sharon L. Nelson as producer. John L. Nelson is perhaps best known as Prince's father, yet he was a jazz performer and most importantly, a prolific composer in his own right. For many years he intended to collaborate on this release with his eldest daughter, Sharon L. Nelson. After the passing of her father, and then the untimely passing of her brother, Sharon decided to complete the recording in honor of her father's 100th birthday. Calling on John's nephew - the legendary Louis Hayes - Sharon assembled the band at Paisley Park and they went straight to it. The tracks were recorded live - one take with little editing - and capture not only the feel of a golden era in jazz, but also the subtle melodies that characterize John L Nelson's style. 'Our dad was a loving, caring, hardworking father and a prolific jazz musician most notably known as the father of the musical genius, our brother Prince. Our dad wrote and composed many songs, but they were never recorded until now. He was Prince's musical inspiration, and this project is very special because it was recorded in Paisley Park and guided by the spirits of my father and brother Prince.' (Sharon L. Nelson)

1. Lucky Am I
Length: 05:07
2. Don't Play with Love
Length: 06:14
3. Runnin' Through My Mind
Length: 04:45
4. Darkness
Length: 03:40
5. Lonely
Length: 05:13
6. Heart of Mine
Length: 05:08
7. Step Back
Length: 05:32
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 35:39
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