Blues People

Format: CD
Release Date: 6/22/2018
Label: Ropeadope
Style(s): Free, Fusion
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Blues People was created in the oral tradition of the blues, and improvised music as a whole. The viscous entirety of the 14 song repertoire was relayed all by ear during the process of the documentation of the album. Blues People, is a modern day version of the Kansas City blues, black American music, and rock 'n' roll tradition. In being such, consequently this documentation is an accumulation of experiences, and influences that have given way to a fresh sonic fusion of sound that calls on the genetic DNA of the forefathers of modern popular music.

1. Blues People
Length: 00:59
2. Hidden Figures
Length: 04:57
3. 80's Child
Length: 04:10
4. Country Boy
Length: 01:27
5. Underground
Length: 03:43
6. Black Brown and Yellow
Length: 06:37
7. Anthem (To Human Justice)
Length: 05:29
8. Hunter of Soul
Length: 08:13
9. Class Wars
Length: 03:55
10. The Settlement
Length: 08:59
11. Rebels Rise
Length: 02:34
12. With U
Length: 04:16
13. Urban Life
Length: 05:35
14. Pure Change
Length: 04:41
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 65:35
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