Songs Were Made to Sing

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/17/2019
Style(s): Vocal
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Not a single lyric on Songs Were Made to Sing was written by Mary Stallings, but each one represents a chapter in her life and a piece of her soul. On her latest album, due out May 17 from Smoke Sessions Records, the incomparable vocalist has crafted an exquisite collection of classic songs to reflect on a life well and passionately lived. With Songs Were Made to Sing, Stallings puts her distinctive stamp on a diverse set of 13 songs, using her gift for interpreting a lyric to transform familiar melodies into profoundly personal and captivating stories. From the youthful passions and heartbreaks of "Stolen Moments" and "Lover Man," to the wistful ruminations of "While You're Young" and "Give Me the Simple Life," Songs Were Made to Sing travels a journey of decades, with songs that collect wisdom and maturity along the way. Impulse ripens to romance, hope deepens to reflection, and Stallings' voice captures every emotional step along that path with a perfectly chosen lyric from some of the greatest songwriters of all time.

1. Stolen Moments
Length: 05:07
2. Lover Man
Length: 04:28
3. Blue Monk
Length: 06:25
4. Ill Wind
Length: 07:14
5. While We're Young
Length: 04:41
6. Lady Bird
Length: 06:08
7. When I Close My Eyes
Length: 03:36
8. Prelude to a Kiss
Length: 03:59
9. Third Time Is the Charm
Length: 03:32
10. 'Round Midnight
Length: 05:12
11. Soul Mates
Length: 05:34
12. Give Me the Simple Life
Length: 04:12
13. Sugar
Length: 05:14
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 65:22
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