Format: CD
Release Date: 7/12/2019
Label: Outside In
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Introducing... is Paul Nedzela s debut album as a leader, showcasing his unique sound and take on a wide range of songs including jazz standards and originals. Surrounded and supported by the heavy hitting rhythm section of David Wong (bass), Aaron Kimmel (drums), and his comrade from the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Dan Nimmer (piano), Paul is given free reign to demonstrate the versatility of the baritone saxophone as well as the musicality of his distinct voice on the instrument.

1. #251
Length: 04:43
2. A Call Beyond
Length: 06:20
3. My Ship
Length: 07:16
4. Bernard's Revenge
Length: 04:40
5. Third Quarter
Length: 07:54
6. Stutter Step
Length: 03:48
7. O Farol Que Nos Guia
Length: 03:56
8. Lisa
Length: 06:14
9. Strange Bedfellows
Length: 06:14
10. Beside Her
Length: 06:57
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 58:02
UPC: 888295900140