Bird at 100

Format: CD
Release Date: 11/29/2019
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August 29, 2020 will mark the centennial of one of jazz's most iconic figures, Charlie Parker. The celebration gets off to a jubilantly swinging start with an alto saxophone summit bringing together three of modern jazz's most acclaimed voices: Vincent Herring, Bobby Watson and Gary Bartz. Along with a superb rhythm section, the three distinctive altoists pay tribute to Parker's legacy in the most apt fashion for this ground-breaking pioneer: by carrying his innovations forward in their own utterly singular styles. The soul-stirring "Bird at 100" traces a direct lineage from Parker's birthplace in Kansas City to the stage of Smoke Jazz & Supper Club, where these three influential acolytes look back from the vantage point of jazz in 2019, with a combination of reverence, respect and adventure. The program offers a buoyant mix of classic Parker tunes, familiar standards once recorded by Bird (and the generations since) and new compositions written in honor of the master.

1. Klactoveedsedstene
Length: 05:45
2. Bird-ish
Length: 06:38
3. Lover Man
Length: 09:33
4. The Hymn
Length: 09:58
5. These Foolish Things
Length: 08:50
6. Folklore
Length: 07:30
7. Bird Lives
Length: 06:09
8. April in Paris
Length: 06:52
9. Yardbird Suite
Length: 11:01
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 72:16
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