20 Years Recordings

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/22/2019
Label: Prova Records
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In 1997 Michel Bisceglia decided to record a studio album with Werner Lauscher and Marc Lehan, two of his closest friends. 20 years later this piano jazz trio is still performing in the same line-up. To celebrate this 20th anniversary, the trio will release its first compilation album. 20 Years Recordings contains a few tracks from their RCA Victor debut album About Stories with Randy Brecker and Bob Mintzer. From the album Inner You they chose to add tracks that Michel Bisceglia composed with Ozark Henry and Rocco Granata. Inner You was a success album in Japan, and one of its tracks was used in the American TV-series Ray Donovan. Tracks from Singularity, which was selected by the renowned magazine JazzTimes as one of the 50 best jazz albums of 2014, are also included. The 3 tracks from About Stories with Randy Brecker and Bob Mintzer are remastered for this compilation album!

1. All About Stories
Length: 07:02
2. Neena
Length: 08:13
3. Paisellu Miu
Length: 05:34
4. Cydonia Regions
Length: 04:02
5. Blue Bird Prologue
Length: 09:58
6. Puccini
Length: 07:58
7. Floating
Length: 05:42
8. At Night
Length: 05:23
9. Children's Sphere
Length: 06:44
10. Jasmine
Length: 04:48
11. Out to Sea
Length: 05:23
12. Red Eye
Length: 06:30
13. Dry Water
Length: 05:43
14. Singularity
Length: 06:43
15. The Traveller
Length: 05:44
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 95:27
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